Umeå School of Architecture distinguishes itself by building on both the scientific, artistic and professional learning with an international profile.

Umeå School of Architecture offers a 300 credit architectural programme, enrolling 60 students yearly. The 5-year architectural programme leads to a Master of Architecture. It is also possible to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture after three years of study and a Master of Fine Arts in Architecture upon the completion of the two final years of study. The master degree qualifies students for work equivalent to students who hold a Master of Science and is fully acknowledged in all European Countries. The Architectural Programme is held in both Swedish and English. Therefore, knowledge in Swedish or other Scandinavian language is required.

Umeå School of Architecture and its courses are included in the European Commission's Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC. You can download the directive including Annex V.7.1 architect at the website of the European Commission.

The education is largely based on project assignments and aims to integrate theoretical and scientific knowledge with artistic process and research.

Throughout the Bachelor's programe, basic courses in Architectural history, Architectural theory, Technology, Urban planning and Architectural synthesis will be given. Focus lies on providing students with a wide understanding of the subject architecture, the necessary practical tools and implements for analysis, conceptual sketch and composition skills, and a wide range of technical knowledge.

The two final years of the education offers the students a possibility to choose a subject orientation in order to immerse themselves in the development of a professional identity, finding their way to a basis for future research and practice.

Our goal is to collaborate with an international spectra of schools to reflect our view of architecture as a global issue. Our perspective is international; our staff has been recruited from various countries, and guest lecturers from a number of renowned schools will contribute.

The School of Architecture gives high priority to educational trips and exchange programs. To encounter different contexts and cultures, and to experience new buildings and situations will help our students formulate their aesthetic values.

  • Interview: Waldemar Hessel

    When this interview was made in 2016, Waldemar Hessel from Stockholm was on his second year of the Architecture Programme in Umeå, Northern Sweden. He worked for two years after having finished school all the while interested in studying a different and creative subject, which made him decide to become an architect.

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