Exploring the Fence-world

Summer workshop in Barcelona

This workshop will gather students from Umeå School of Architecture (Sweden) and visual artists from Barcelona (Spain). The students and artists will work together on the design of a socially conscious intervention in public space through the process of design, art and architecture. The workshop is a collaboration between the Umeå School of Architecture, El Centro de Enmedio (Barcelona) and La Virreina Centre de l'Imatge (Barcelona). 

This one-week workshop is based on two different types of classes: classroom sessions and practical workshops. We will look at public space and explore the concept of fences, both as physical and mental boundaries that control the way we move, experience and view the city.

In the classroom sessions, we will look at different kinds of fences and some cultural experiences that display a new socially committed aesthetic. A type of creation that seeks to set up possible imaginaries and invent critical devices that can be used for socialisation and community building.

The practical exercises will focus on the use of images, design and photography as a form of intervention in public space. Both the classroom sessions and the workshop sessions will revolve around group dynamics, screenings of videos and the creation of a practical and collective project. There will be room for collective debate and discussion.

Enmedio Barcelona 625 

Exploring the Fence-world

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Language: English
Workshop dates: June 25 - July 1, 2018
Numer of days: 7
Number of places: 10 students


Students cover their own travel costs, accommodation and food expenses. 


Apply to one of the summer courses "Architecture project - exploration and design 1" or "Architecture project - exploration and design 2" and state in your motivation letter why you want to participate in the workshop.