Duved - The rural village as an innovative catalyst for future societies

Responsible teacher / Contact person: Sara Thor

The workshop will work collaboratively with local citizens and actors from the small northern Swedish village of Duved to propose and design solutions for circular systems in relation to food at a local scale.

Since the beginning of 2018 there's an ongoing project based in Duved (funded by Vinnova since 2020) to support challenge-driven innovation. Several national and international actors are working to propose solutions to the global challenges connected to climate change; how to create circular systems, developing methods for self-sufficiency, sharing economies, local governance, social sustainability and new housing solutions.

As a student, you will explore and propose models connected to a village scale food system including prototypes and installations as part of a public infrastructure. You will also participate in building scale proposals in connection to the existing community restaurant and planned greenhouse and community centre (designed by Shigeru Ban). The design process will include dialogue and workshops with local groups, actors and the municipality. The proposals will connect digital and analogue technologies to generate a sustainable local economy, local production and self-sufficiency through the concept of a "zero waste village".

The proposals generated through the course may have the possibility of being realized through the ongoing project.