Public Lectures & Events

Public lectures 2015/16

Julia Ávila Franzoni & Pablo De SatoJulia Ávila Franzoni & Pablo DeSoto Read more

Defending the Urban Commons in Brazil Julia Ávila Franzoni & Pablo DeSoto

Frederico FreschiFrederico Freschi Read more

The Politics of Ornament: Articulations of Identity in South African Architecture, 1910-2010 Frederico Freschi

Nezar Alsayyad
Nezar Alsayyad Read more

Virtual Uprisings: Tahrir Square, Social Media and the Return of Public Space Nezar Alsayyad

PhD Research Seminars
Public lectures, Winter 2014/15

Keller EasterlingKeller Easterling Read more

EXTRASTATECRAFT: The Power of Infrastructure Space Keller Easterling

Ines Weizman
Inez Weizman Read more

The Three Lives of Modernism Ines Weizman

UMA City Talks 1 / AFTER 2014
Conference, January 2015

Örjan WikforssÖrjan Wikforss Read more

Opening Lecture
Örjan Wikforss

Lars Westin
Lars Westin Read more

The Role of Umeå in the Future Norrland Lars Westin

Björn Forsberg
Björn Forsberg Read more

The End of Growth - What's Next? Björn Forsberg

Olle Forsgren
Olle Forsgren Read more

Visions within Ongoing Planning Olle Forsgren

Catharina Thörn
Catharina Thörn Read more

Urban Frontlines Catharina Thörn

Isabella Forsgren
Isabella Forsgren Read more

Umeå - An Attractive Node in the North Isabella Forsgren

Erik Persson
Erik Persson Read more

The Neoliberal City - From Urban Branding to Class Politics Erik Persson

Lars Mikael Raattamaa
Lars Mikael Raattamaa Read more

Geography is Nothing but the Crossing of Economy and Identity Lars Mikael Raattamaa

Whatever happened to Swedish Modernism?
Public Lecture Series, Spring 2014

arkitekturforskning_300x180Housing and the Role of the Architect Read more

Housing and the Role of the Architect
Örjan Wikforss


Staging the Message: The Architecture of Communication
Public Lecture Series, Autumn 2013/14

Andreas Ruby
Andreas Ruby Read more

From Space to Page and Back Andreas Ruby

Michael Rock Michael Rock Read more

Empire of Screens
Michael Rock

Dana Cuff Dana Cuff Read more

Architecture's Metropolitan Desire
Dana Cuff

Kevin Daley
Kevin Daley Read more

Fitness Kevin Daley

Beate Hølmebakk Beate HØlmebakk  Read more

Finding Context
Beate HØlmebakk

Sven-Olov Wallenstein Sven-Olov WallensteinRead more

Sven-Olov Wallenstein

Nader Vossoughian Nader VossoughianRead more

Architecture as Visual Argument
Nader Vossoughian

Lars Lerup Lars LerupRead more

The Strange (and possibly happy) Life of Objects Lars Lerup

Jimenez Lai Jimenez LaiRead more

Cartoonish Worlds
Jimenez Lai

Els Kuijpers Els KuijpersRead more

A Dialectic History of Mentalities
Els Kuijpers

Rodrigo_Sanchez de Serdio Javier Rodrigo and Aida Sánchez de SerdioRead more

Mapping as a Battlefield: Antagonism and Collaboration in Urban Processes
Javier Rodrigo and Aida Sánchez de Serdio

Jan Richard Kikkert Jan Richard KikkertRead more

Real Architecture. The Works of John Lautner Jan Richard Kikkert

Making Architecture Politically
Public Lecture Series, Spring 2013

Eyal Weizman Eyal WeizmanRead more

The Roundabout Revolution
Eyal Weizman

Iain Borden Iain BordenRead more

The Politics of Speed
Iain Borden

Jon Goodbun Jon GoodbunRead more

Radical Theatre: Staging the Dialectic of Emergence and Planning Jon Goodbun

Bart Lootsma Bart LootsmaRead more

Out of the Wild: from mapping to operating system Bart Lootsma

Per Nilsson Per NilssonRead more

The Amphibian Relations Between Art, Architecture and Philosophy Per Nilsson

51N4E Architects 51N4E ArchitectsRead more

Public + Intimate
51N4E Architects

Jeremy Till Jeremy TillRead more

Architecture and the Politics of Scarcity
Jeremy Till

Roemer van Toorn Roemer van ToornRead more

Making Architecture Politically
Roemer van Toorn

This & That
Public Lecture Series, Autumn 2013

this_that This & ThatRead more


Bałka Jochymek Mirosław Bałka & Anna JochymekRead more

Mirosław Bałka & Anna Jochymek

Koen Meersman Koen MeersmanRead more

Systematic Works
Koen Meersman

Rethinking The Social in Architecture
Symposium, Winter 2013

Anne Lacaton Anne LacatonRead more

Opening Symposium & Keynote Pleasure Inhabiting Anne Lacaton

Michelle Provoost Michelle ProvoostRead more

The Banality of Good
Michelle Provoost

Petrescu_Petcou Petresco & PetcouRead more

Designing Agencies of Common
Doina Petrescu & Constantin Petcou

Dana Cuff Dana Cuff Read more

Uncommon Ground: Architecture in Danger
Dana Cuff

Sven-Olov Wallenstein Sven-Olov Wallenstein Read more

Architecture and the Possibility of Critical Theory Sven-Olov Wallenstein