Lecture series: Building Ecology – Sustainable and Healthy Construction

Welcome to our Open Lecture Series with guests Varis Bokalders and Maria Block March 29 / April 5 at Umeå School of Architecture.

Varis Bokalders and Maria Block are architects based in Stockholm that have for decades studied the possibilities for the implementation of a more sustainable and healthy construction, knowledge that they have compiled in the book "The Whole Building Handbook" ("Byggekologi" in the Swedish version), a complete overview of ecological construction translated into several languages.

The book goes through all the aspects of the building: from the adaptation to the place, the ecological cycles, how to use our resources efficiently, to the choice of installations and materials for the different parts of the building.

Varis Bokalders is one of the main experts in Sweden in ecological construction. He has extensively taught and lectured in Sweden and abroad and teaches regularly in KTH, Stockholm.

Maria Block runs her own studio Block Arkitektkontor, specialized in sustainable and healthy construction, free of chemicals and hazardous products. She works extensively with wood in the different parts of the building, her work includes including projects in Northern Sweden.

On 29/3 Varis Bokalders will go through the whole structure of the book focusing in energy, cycles, ventilation and choice of materials, showing solutions and examples from Sweden and abroad.

Place: Theater

Time:  10:30-12:00 / 13:00-14:00 / 14:30-17:00

10:30-12:00 Intro to Building Ecology. Eco-Cycles Ventilation, Heating- & Cooling Systems, Water & Sewage. Energy.


13.00-14:00 Close to Zero Energy Houses (Passive Houses etc.). Climate shell, Windows/doors, air tightness.


14.30-17:00 Materials. Criteria for Selection of Materials. Hazardous Chemicals. Life- Cycle Analysis. Conclusions and discusions

On 5/4 Maria Block will focus on wood as a sustainable material and will talk from the point of view of the practice and the construction through her own work.

Place: Auditrorium
Time: 9:30-12

09:30-10:30 Wood as a sustainable material in front of Concrete and Steel. 10.45-12.00 Building sustainable in wood. Examples: Villa Balaton, in Sollentuna, apartment blocks at Lusthusbacken in Piteå, Ekostudio. 

All lectures are free and open for students, staff and the public.