Architecture as Visual Argument:
the Bauentwurfslehre as Case Study

Nader Vossoughian

Architecture as Visual Argument

Public Lecture
Wednesday, 13  November 2013

This lecture is the sixth lecture in the Autumn Public lecture series 2013-2014 "Staging the Message. The Architecture of Communication", and will be addressed by New York based professor Nader Vossoughian (see link below). This public lecture, and the next day seminar lecture by Nader Vossoughian (see 2nd livestream below too) are part of the 2nd module of the ResArc PhD Communication seminar Staging the Message. (see also the websites of  ResArc, and the  UMA ResArc webpage on the 2nd module).

Architecture as Visual Argument Part I:
Neufert's Bauentwurfslehre as Case Study

Livestream Seminar Lecture, 13 November 2013,

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Architecture as Visual Argument Part II: 
Otto Neurath's Museum of Society and Economy  as Case Study

Livestream Seminar Lecture, 14 November 2013,

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Nader Vossoughian

Nader Vossoughian is a curator, critic, and theorist whose research interests center on the relationship between politics, knowledge, and the city. He has recently contributed essays to European Modernism and the Information Society; Otto Neurath's Economic Writings; and Josef Frank 1885-1967 - Eine Moderne der Unordnung. His curatorial credits include "Urban Disobedience: The Work of Santiago Cirugeda," and "After Neurath: The Global Polis," the latter of which took place at Stroom den Haag earlier this year. His first book, Otto Neurath: The Language of the Global Polis was recently released (based on his dissertation). Currently, he is a lecturer at the Museum of Modern Art and an assistant professor of architecture at the New York Institute of Technology. His articles have appeared in Bidoun, Metropolis, Design Issues, Volume, the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, and Transnational Associations.

More information on the lecture and the 2nd Module of the PhD Research Staging the message. The Architecture of Communication can be found at:

Image above: Neufert City by Superunion Architects