The End of Growth - What's Next?

UMA City Talks 1 / AFTER2014


Björn Forsberg

Björn Forsberg has a PhD in political science. Over the last twenty years he has done extensive research in the area of sustainable development. His main focus has been on the local political level and how policy implementation is affected by present ideological frameworks and dominant eco- nomic growth policy. More recently, Forsberg has published on and been involved in the public de- bate on sustainable development and transitions. He has written the books Omställningens tid - till- växtens slut och jakten på en hållbar framtid ("Age of Transition", Karneval, 2012, first and second rev. edition) and Tillväxtens sista dagar - miljökamp om världsbilder ("The Last Days of Growth", Ruin, 2007 and second rev. edition 2009). Both of these books have reached out to different spheres of the Swedish society (academians, policy-makers, NGO:s as well as the broader public) and they have also influenced the discussion on economic growth, sustainability and transition.