UMA End of Year
Summer Exhibition 2017

On Friday June 2nd we open Umeå School of Architecture to the public. We invite family, friends, colleagues and citizens to our End of Year / Summer Exhibition 2017.

Between 14.30 and 18.00 we invite you to see the students' work of the Academic year 2016/2017 in an exhibition that span's throughout the bottom floors of the school and out onto our yard in front of the Umeå River.

The exhibitions consist of full-scale constructions, models, sketches, drawings and images from all the students in each year of the Architecture Programme as well as from the Masters Programme.


UMA 1: Our first year students (UMA1) have been working with the theme of body, scale and space, continuing into an exploration in the area around Umeå C train station. They are exhibiting four full-scale pavilions, along with their individual portfolios.

UMA 2: The second year students (UMA2) have had their focus on the development on rural and small town communities, through visits of the archipelago of Norrbyskär outside of Umeå and the Norwegian municipality of Træna. They are exhibiting peer- or group projects presenting possible developments of for example youth centers, schools and ferry terminals. 

UMA 3: The students in year 3 (UMA3) have visited and studied the megapolis of Ahmedabad in India. Their part of the exhibition consists of their bachelor theses projects. They are in most cases departing from that context, creating proposals for Women's centers, community-meeting spaces, housing etc.

UMA 4: Our two Master's programme's, which are also year 4 and 5 of the Architecture Programme, have mainly focused on sustainable urban development and explorations of concrete architectural practices in dialogue with affected communities. The LiAi Studio of UMA4 has through investigations of different localities explored alternative ways of working in their role as architects, while the LSAP studio has looked into issues of housing and common everyday life in the Backen area in Umeå. 

UMA 5: In UMA5, the themes are further explored into individual, peer or group master thesis projects looking into a variety of issues like the expansion of commons in villages or urban neighborhoods, sustainable constructions, new housing solutions and ideas for participatory processes.

The Exhibition is also open:
Saturday June 3rd, 12.00 - 16.00
Sunday June 4th, 12.00 - 16.00

About Umeå School of Architecture 
The School was established in 2009 and is part of the Arts Campus. Approximately 250 students are studying at the school, either within' our Architecture Programme or in one of our Masters Programme's. Umeå School of Architecture has a strong international profile and distinguishes itself through the integration of scientific, artistic, a professional approach with experimental educational methods. Exploring alternative ways of working and rethinking the role of the architect and the future of architecture, the school aims to take part in a public debate focusing on the future of our cities and region, focusing on the necessity of a sustainable development.