Exploring Palermo
An urban laboratory for art, culture and migration

Summer workshop in Palermo

This workshop will gather international students in Architecture, Art and the Humanities during one week in Palermo, Sicily. A collaboration between Stalker, Umeå School of Architecture, Master in Environmental humanities at Università Roma 3, Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and local, cultural institutions and associations in Palermo (Teatro Massimo, CLAC, Dimora OZ, Polipolis, Caffè Internazionale).

The current urban regeneration project of Palermo focuses on the importance of art, cultural grassroots initiatives and migrants. The multi-layered and deeply condensed history of the city has left its traces throughout its multi-cultural society at the heart of the Mediterranean area. In 2017 the mayor launched the "Charter of Palermo"which established free movement of all people in the territory of the city. Palermo is the European Capital of Culture 2018 and is also hosting the Manifesta European Nomadic Biennial of Art.

In relation to the Manifesta programme of exhibitions and artists' interventions, this summer school will explore how the city can be regenerated in the encounter of art, territory, people living there and people passing through. What is the relationship between the monuments of Palermo and the immaterial history of migration? What constitutes heritage? How can marginalized forms of habitation be valued?

Guided by Stalker, an Italian collective of architects and artists, participants will experience Palermo, through the practice of walking, and investigate how art and culture can influence the uses and the social relationships that produce the landscape. Students, artists, local citizens and migrants will together experiment new relationships with sites by creating collective works. It can be a performance, an artwork, a monument, a convivial moment or something different.

Stalker 2 

Exploring Palermo

Plats:  Palermo, Italien
Språk: engelska
Datum:  18 - 24 juni 2018
Antal dagar: 7
Antal platser: 15 studenter


Studenter står själva för sina resekostnader och kost.


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