Un-urban Experiments

Summer workshop in Træna

This program is an extended workshop gathering students from New York and Scandinavia to work together on concrete design issues between the urban and the "un-urban." A collaboration between the School of Visual Arts (New York), Umeå School of Architecture (Sweden), the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Norway), the Norwegian Centre for Design & Architecture, the Municipality of Træna, and the Træna Artist in Residence program.

The workshop will consist of two weeks of intense collaboration and building, with one additional open week that culminates in public events including exposure to thousands of visitors to Trænafestivalen.

A mixed team of design, art, and architecture students will work with a concrete challenge - defined and presented for the participants by local community members. The problem space will be site-specific and based primarily on local need and conditions, but open to the unexpected contributions that students from diverse backgrounds will bring. The project and process will be framed and focused as something relevant to many remote and peripheral communities in Scandinavia. 

Traena 2 

Un-urban Experiments

Plats: Træna, Norge
Språk: engelska
Datum: 14 juni - 2 juli 2018 (med möjligt att stanna till 8 juli)
Antal dagar: 18
Antal platser: 5 studenter


Studenter står själva för sina resekostnader och kost.


Ansök till en av sommarkurserna "Arkitekturprojekt - utforskning och gestaltning 1" eller  "Arkitekturprojekt - utforskning och gestaltning 2" och skriv i ditt motivationsbrev varför du vill delta i denna workshop.