Urban Entities
Catalogue of Social Furniture

Summer workshop in Umeå

In this workshop we will develop sustainable strategies and spatial devices for temporal conditions. The aim is to maximise opportunities for interaction and sustainable occupation of spaces while creating dynamic and productive landscapes, thus expanding the notion of place-activation.

Several areas in Umeå will provide a territory to explore ways to enhance socio-cultural interaction. Sites of potential will be identified and turned into nodes in the promotion and reclamation of Public Space, with the objective to make it accessible for everyone.

During these ten days, students will work together to develop a new catalogue of social-public furniture; defined as Urban Entities. Engaged as an "act-tank" group, thus decoding, analysing and proposing solutions of immediate implementation and assemblage, using recyclable materials deployed with minimum impact construction methods. 

This workshop focuses on mechanisms of interaction with the city at socio-cultural and production level, triggering subsequent phases of analysis and research along the summer course. Towards a more detailed analysis and proposals on methods of action in the city and network activation.

The workshop is divided into two parts. The first part, June 11 - 21, will focus on decoding the site and developing programmes and prototypes of action. The second part of the workshop, August 14 - 24, focuses on construction and assemblage of the prototypes. In between these two parts there will be individual work with web-based tutoring.


Urban Entities

Plats: Umeå, Sverige
Språk: engelska
Datum: 11 - 21 juni samt 14 - 24 augusti 2018
Antal dagar: 10 + 10
Antal platser: 10 studenter


Studenter står själva för sina resekostnader, boende och kost.


Ansök till en av sommarkurserna "Arkitekturprojekt - utforskning och gestaltning 1" eller  "Arkitekturprojekt - utforskning och gestaltning 2" och skriv i ditt motivationsbrev varför du vill delta i denna workshop.